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Reliability and smart investments
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Brokerage services

Reliability and smart investments
in one place

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Knowing that your funds are safe can be very reassuring in times of market volatility. Receive a steady stream of income from interest payments.

Investing in bonds will give you stability, due to a consistent stream of returns. You know exactly how much you will receive and the dates on which you will receive it.

You can easily sell it on secondary market before expiring date/maturity.

We offer trading on:

1. Serbian market

Government Bonds – Treasury Bonds issued by the Republic of Serbia and Public Debt Administration of Republic Serbia:

  • Primary market by auction (via platform for trading in Government debt securities)
  • OTC (secondary market)

Invest with us easily in domestic government bonds denominated in EUR and RSD and achieve benefits:

  • High market yields on primary and secondary market (2Y, 3Y, 5Y, 7Y, 10Y and 15Y maturity)
  • Yield to maturity: from 1,50% to 3,15% (RSD); from 0,35% to 2,65% (EUR)
  • Low-risk securities which can help you to protect your capital.
  • Exemption from paying taxes for debt securities issued by the Republic of Serbia.
2. Foreign markets

EUROBONDS – Government, Financial and Corporate Bonds

  • Listed and traded on foreign Stock Exchanges
  • Most bonds dealing is done in the OTC market, directly between market counterparties.

Invest in three types of EUROBONDS with wide range of maturity and yields:

Government bonds issued by government:

  • Considered as low-risk investments because they are backed by the taxing power of a government.
  • Yield to maturity: from – 04, % to – 0,10%
  • Bonds form a major part of the investment portfolio of many institutional investors (such as pension funds and insurance companies).

Financial bonds issued by a financial institution, such as banks and insurance companies:

  • Financial bonds are considered lower risk bonds than corporate bonds since the backing is provided by the combination of the bank and the pool of assets.
  • Yield to maturity: up to 3%
  • Issuers can range from local banks up to supranational banks such as the European Investment Bank, which issues debt in the bond market

Corporate bonds – Debt security corporate bonds are issued by listed corporate entities to fund expansion and finance investment:

  • Corporate bonds are considered higher risk bonds than financial and government bonds since the backing is provided only by company assets.
  • Yield to maturity: up to 3,9%
  • The term corporate bond is usually restricted to longer-term debt instruments, with a redemption date that is more than one year away at the point of issue.

As an Authorised bank in accordance with Law on Capital Market we are performing investment services and activities previously approved by Securities Commission RS and also are members of Central Securities, depository and clearing house, Deposit Insurance Agency and a members of Investor Protection Fund.

If you are interested to obtain additional information about our brokerage service and markets, we invite you to contact us at +381 11 3952 287 and  +381 11 3952 288 or at our e-mail address or at (if you speak only Russian language).