3D Secure service at API Bank

All users of Visa payment cards issued by our Bank, are enabled to use a new, free 3D Secure service.

3D Secure service reduces the risk of unauthorized use of the cards. As a user of Visa payment cards, from now on you have extra security while performing transactions on the Internet, at all internet shops.

The cards are automatically registered for the 3D Secure service, so no additional registration is required on your part. The only requirement is the registration of the mobile phone number to which the SMS message with the one-time password will be sent. If your mobile phone number already exists in the system, and you have not changed it in the meantime, no additional registration is required.

Payment with the 3D Secure service is carried out very easily, safe, and fast. Details of the online shopping process can be found at the link Bezbednost | Visa