API mBank

works 24/7, anywhere
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API mBank

works 24/7, anywhere
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The Internet Banking of API Bank a.d. Beograd is aimed at facilitating banking services without visiting an office − in the comfort of your home or any location with an internet connection.

Save your time

E-banking is a service that saves you time and money while giving a chance to manage your personal and family finances in a fast, efficient, and simple manner.

Internet banking

Internet banking provides unrestricted access to banking services and products regardless of working hours and location utilizing all security standards that enable a safe internet connection.

Your bank card supercharged with technology

Full statistics on bills, cards, payments, and transfers in an easy-to-use digital bank for mobile and desktop.
API mBank is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
Fast and easy
Wherever you go, the API Bank mobile app lets you manage your financial transactions with a mobile phone in a fast, easy and secure way!
Bank in your smartphone

Get access to all services of our bank:

  • balance details of all cards, accounts, and deposits
  • templates for fast payments
  • currency exchange
  • opening deposits
Benefits for you
Better exchange rate and lower commissions


  • Payment – external and internal
  • Overview of the balance of transaction, savings and credit accounts
  • Insight into the loan balance with a loan repayment plan
  • Overview and insight into the credit card balance
  • Overview of turnover and current account statements and credit cards
  • Performance of exchange transactions (according to API Bank a.d. Beograd)
  • Internal transfer of funds within their parties (settlement of credit card obligations and miscellaneous …) except for term deposits and services where the client’s presence is necessary
The documentation can be filled electronically, without the need to fill it by hand:
  • Download the necessary documentation and save it to your computer.
  • Fill in the data and save the filled document.
  • You may then print the saved document, or send it electronically.