Bank made easy

for any business

Bank made easy

for any business

Why should you choose API Bank a.d.?

Fast and efficient payments in dinars

Short processing times at competitive prices

Highest level of security

Best-in-class customer care

Domestic payment transactions

  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Payment processing (cession, compensation, assignment)
  • Receipt and order processing prior to value date
  • Delivery of an electronic or printed copy
  • All activities for forcible collection
  • Issuing of all kinds of certificates
  • Insight into the balance and account traffic
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International transactions

International money transfer
  • Easy and secure international payments
  • More than 200 countries and 30+ currencies
Foreign currency account
  • Make and receive payments in foreign currencies
  • Manage exchange risk
Same day payments
  • API Bank will transfer the processed payment orders received at the bank up to 12 pm (electronic) and 2 pm (in cash) to their correspondent bank abroad on the same business day
Collection from abroad
  • API Bank shall notify the client/exporter on the same business day on all inflows from abroad received by 4 pm

International payments

For international payments, the client is obliged to submit the following documents:
Domestic legal entities
Documents proving the basis of payment (invoice, pro-forma invoice, contract, in case of a loan transaction and a loan application with the NBS, etc.)
Foreign legal entities
  • Copy of invoice or contract
  • Proof of settled tax, customs and other obligations to the State from that transaction in accordance with the regulations
  • On payments to the Member State of the European Union up to the amount of EUR 50,000.00 (Instructions on the Implementation of the Decision on Conditions and Method of Performing Payment Operations with Foreign Countries, Point 25)
  • The Bank undertakes that your payment order to the Member State of the European Union up to the amount of 50,000 Euros, completed in accordance with the aforementioned Instruction, with the provided cover and the relevant documentation, received by 12 pm (electronic) and 2 pm (in cash), shall be processed on the same day by issuing an order to a correspondent bank. Orders received after the specified time shall be executed on the next business day under the same conditions. The correspondent bank will endeavor to execute an order in accordance with the instructions given depending on the indicated user’s bank within a period of up to two working days.
  • The payment to a beneficiary’s bank will be approved in accordance with the business policy of the beneficiary’s bank.
  • When processing the payment, the commission is calculated and charged in accordance with the Tariff Policy of the Bank in advance from the RSD or foreign currency account of the Client or upon receipt of payment by the Client.
  • The costs of a third bank shall be charged upon the receipt of the indebtedness from the bank of the correspondent according to the coverage principle of the actual costs.
  • In the event of a client’s complaint regarding the transaction, the Bank is obliged to proceed to the creation of an inquiry-reclamation, on the basis of a written request, and inform the client about the causes and actions taken in order to resolve the complaint. If it is established that the payment under the given order has not been made according to the Client’s failure, the costs of the inquiry or criticism shall be borne by the Client, in accordance with the general rules and conditions of the Bank’s operations.

Collection from abroad

The SWIFT message, as evidence that the payment has been made to the client, can be delivered via


API Bank shall notify the client/exporter on the same business day on all inflows from abroad received by 4 pm.

The Client/Exporter is obliged to notify the bank about the basis of payment and the user of payment within 48 hours. The client may submit the notice with the said data personally or by fax. Upon receipt of this information, the Bank processes the inflow with a value date from the SWIFT message.

In order to get your account approved as soon as possible, please provide your foreign partner with the correct payment instructions in the currency in which you expect to receive the payment