About Us

API Bank JSC Belgrade is a small bank fully owned by a Serbian company AZRS INVEST d.o.o. As the key to the success, Bank sees in the gradual creation of a business model that has solutions for clients who will always advantageously distinguish a small player from market giants.

Being flexible and dynamic in business, following changes in technology and regulation, maintaining stability in risk management - are the key priorities for the development of our Bank.

The new name of the Bank reflects its new face and vision of the future. The name and logo of the Bank symbolize constant growth and development, both in technological and in organic terms. It reflects the digital environment in which we live and to which the Bank is directed.

API Bank will continue to form a portfolio of loans and banking services for Serbian companies, paying attention to the outstanding level of services and high quality of the portfolio itself.

For individuals, we offer an individual approach and a wide range of the most needed services.

We are also open to non-resident clients who have the possibility of receiving services in multiple languages, due to our educated and professional team of experts.


Executive Board

Valentina Keiša– President of the Executive Board
On March 17, 2022, Valentina Keiša was appointed to the position of the President of the Executive Board of the Bank by the decision of the Board of Directors. From November 2018 until the moment of her appointment, Valentina was a member of the Executive Board of the Bank. Valentina has significant work experience in the banking sector, gained in various areas of banking over more than twenty-five years. In 2005, from the position of Director for International Projects at the Latvian Lateko Bank, Valentina was appointed a member of the Bank's Board of Directors. In 2013 and for the next five years, Valentina was a member of the Executive Board of Norvik Asset Management, and then served as senior vice president of Meridian Trade Bank, in charge of lending.
Radomir Stevanović– Member of the Executive Board
Radomir Stevanović is a Member of the Executive Board since December 2018. Radomir has more than 20 years of working experiences in domestic banking sector, most of all on manager positions in Treasury business, where he has worked in the Bank as Head of Treasury since 2008. He started his career in Societe Generaly Yugoslav Bank AD Belgrade in Corporate Division, but soon he stared to manage Treasury Back Office. After that, he continued his career at managing positions in various banks in Serbia, as the person in charge of Treasury. “I always had an interest in professional development and growth, and I am glad that modern technologies and globalization are offering more and more opportunities for it.”

Members of the Board of Directors:

Vladislav Shlyakhovoy– President of the Board of Directors
Vladislav Shlyakhovoy has been the President of the Board of Directors of API Bank since January 2023. He graduated in law from the Russian Pacific State University. After holding the positions of senior investigator and assistant of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community of the Russian Federation in Minsk, he successfully managed the joint stock company "Central Market" in the Russian Federation for more than 5 years, which won numerous awards and proved to be a leader in its field of business. He came to the position of the Chairman of API Bank Board of Directors with the aim of contributing to the Bank with his expertise, experience and application of broad knowledge of law and practical understanding in the areas in which its business will develop.
Petr Rasocha– member of the Board of Directors
Petr Rasocha was elected for the position of member of the Board of Directors of the Bank in May 2020. During his professional career, he held a wide variety on top management position, ranging from process and risk management, financial management, team leadership and overall management of the companies that are in his rich business biography - Vyruchai Dengi, IBM, VAB Bank and Citibank Czech Republic.
Goran Ljubičić– member of the Board of Directors
During his long career in the Corporate field, Goran Ljubičić has held leading financial and managerial positions in numerous international companies. Engaged in dealings with large financial institutions, banks and foreign investors, with his rich experience he makes a significant contribution in the field of creating decision-making processes and evaluation of financial placements. Goran's good knowledge of the local way of doing business and conditions at the local micro level is important in terms of contributing to even better adaptation of banking products to the needs of the local market.
Zoran Mitrović – member of the Board of Directors
During his extensive career, Zoran Mitrović held numerous senior executive positions in the spheres of finances and economic affairs in renowned companies in Serbia and their subsidiaries abroad. Before his appointment as a member of the Board of Directors, he helped improve API Bank JSC Belgrade’s operations and efficiency of its internal audit system from the position of an independent member of the Bank’s Audit Committee. In the new mandate, he will perform the function of the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He is active in several professional, chamber and sporting associations. The knowledge of finances, accounting, internal audit systems and external–economic activity that he possesses, and the experience in the field of corporate management in big business systems, he puts at the disposal of the bank’s team, in order to improve the market position and develop the bank’s management and audit functions.
Vladimir Shlyakhovoy– member of the Board of Directors
Vladimir Shlyakhovoy was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of API Bank in January 2023. His business career had a continuous development, from managerial, through executive, to the highest management positions. As a graduate in economics, he was active in various business fields, from the industries for exploitation of natural resources to the management of real estate companies. At the same time, in the highest position, he was professionally engaged in the field of asset management of commercial companies, dealing with planning strategy, business development and optimization of internal processes.

Human resources are the most valuable asset of the Bank. Possessing diplomas from leading universities in Serbia and the EU, with high professional knowledge in the field of banking services and an understanding matters by substance, our employees solve the most complex tasks in the daily advising of clients. In this way, we develop specific service models in order to respond to customer needs in the best possible way.

Organizational structure of the Bank