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Full support
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Documents for account opening:

  • Original full set of corporate documents, e.g. registration certificate, Articles of Association etc.;
  • Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Incumbency/Extract from the commercial register of the country of origin;
  • Document certifying the authority to open and manage the entity’s account, e.g.: power of attorney, reference from the commercial register, minutes, resolution etc.;
  • Identification documents and Utility bill of the entity’s director and the ultimate beneficial owner;
  • Documents certifying the ownership of the entity by the ultimate beneficial owner;
  • Other documents at the discretion of the Bank.

Requirements regarding the notarization of the set of documents, Apostille and legalization are set and considered individually depending on the jurisdiction.

Please note that API Bank complies with “Know Your Client” policy and may require documentary proof of source of funds and/or business activity of the entity or the account holder.

API Bank may refuse to open an account at its sole discretion. Restrictions to use certain services of the Bank may apply to the residents of some jurisdictions.

VISA Business Debit card

VISA Business Debit card by API Bank is the safe and convenient way to pay for purchases, manage cash flows and increase the efficiency of your company.

You can pay for your business expenses across the world and online, withdraw cash at ATM outlets, anywhere where the Visa logo is displayed.

VISA Business debit card is connected directly to your company’s account, after each payment, the funds are deducted from the account automatically.


  • Pay for daily and monthly business expenses in stores and online (car rental, airline tickets, hotels)
  • Save time and money on accounting activities and document processing
  • Secure business trips without the risk brought by using and storing cash
  • You can authorize your employees to use the cards, along with daily limits
  • Chip technology provides maximum payment securitya

Please see the tariffs of the Bank for legal entities:

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