Jobs and career

Professional growth

API Bank a.d. Beograd is dedicated to the professional development and continuous improvement of its employees.

We believe that investing in the development and promotion of employees is the most important investment and we are fully committed to providing resources for developing skills and enhancing knowledge of our employees to help them achieve their career goals.

Successful employees make a successful bank.

API Bank offers a variety of career opportunities.

API Bank a.d. Beograd is proud to provide support to every employee in their professional development and promotion to unlock their full potential.

Open positions

API Bank a.d. Beograd was established as a result of the sale of VTB Banka a.d. Beograd in July 2018.

Bank’s name and logo symbolize constant growth and development in a way that is both technological and organic. It reflects the digital environment we live in, as well as the shareholder’s vision. Digital banking and cutting-edge financial technologies will be the key elements of the bank’s strategy. API Bank will provide digital solutions to its clients that are secure and easy to use. API Bank will continue to provide outstanding services to small and medium-sized corporate customers and a great choice for individual clients seeking personalized approach and exceptional customer service.

Our employees are the most valuable asset. Having graduated from the leading universities in Serbia and EU with deep knowledge of the banking services industry and good command of Serbian, English and often Russian languages, they help clients each day with most challenging tasks.