For your new life in Serbia

For your new life in Serbia

Only in API Bank – housing loans for foreigners

API Bank Belgrade owned by a private investor from the far east of Russia and managed by multinational team with international expertise in modern banking, is the first bank to offer housing loans to foreigners living and earning income abroad.

If you want to start a new life in Serbia already now making investment in your future, now you have a reliable partner who has created a unique opportunity for you.

The amount of these loans ranges from 5,000 to 500,000 euro, with a minimum down payment of 20% of the purchase value of the property. Repayment period of loans with a currency clause and foreign currency loans is 240 months, and for loans granted in dinars is 120 months. The collateral for this kind of loan is the first rank mortgage over the real estate that is being financed by the loan, and/or on another acceptable residential /business property on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. During the loan validity period, real estate insurance policy has to be assigned in favor of the bank.

If you choose API Bank, you do not have to have a residence permit or earn income in the Republic of Serbia. In order to determine your creditworthiness, we also consider revenues based on property rent, dividends, membership in managing, supervisory and other boards.

Finally, in Serbia, a bank that offers a unique type of client service. Striving to better respond to client needs, we have created a modern solution that will meet the needs of non-residents and thus ensure their comfortable life in Serbia. “With us it’s simpler” – this is our slogan reflecting approach how we create services and make relations with each our client – said Marija Stepina, President of the Executive Board of API Bank.

Thanks to API Bank’s housing loan for foreign citizens, you can now quickly and easily become the owner of your perfect apartment in Serbia.

Take advantage of the special conditions we offer. API Bank is waiting for you!

More information about our housing loans please find at website which is available in three languagesin which Bank’s employees provides services – Serbian, English and Russian.