Great interest on term deposit savings!

In order to meet your expectations, we have also prepared attractive offers for saving in dinars and euros this year.

Choose dinar savings for a period of 12 months, with an interest rate of 6% that the API Bank specifically gives to clients in the 6th year of its operations – through a promotional campaign until the end of January.

In addition to the high interest rate, the value of your dinar savings will be preserved in the conditions of achieved financial stability, and the fact that income from interest on dinar savings is exempt from the obligation to pay taxes also contributes to the attractive nature of dinar savings.

For a complete offer of dinar savings for different deposit periods, see the terms and a representative example and start saving by filling out our contact form here.

This year, we would especially like to highlight the favorable conditions for term savings in euros, with a nominal interest rate of 4.25% (EKS 3.61%) for 36 months, with the possibility to use 30% of the funds during the time you deposited the money. You can withdraw funds during the entire term deposit period, one-time all 30%, or from multiple times so that the sum does not exceed 30% of the initial deposit. You choose how you prefer, depending on your needs, and see the details of this type of savings here.

If you opt for a standard form of savings with interest payment at the end of the term deposit period in EUR, you can see more detailed information about the offer on promotional terms here.

The duration of the Special Savings Promotion is from 2 November to 31 January 2024 and applies to residents and non-residents.

For further information, you can contact us by calling our Contact Centre number, +381 11 395 2265, or consult with our branch savings advisors.

We are sure that, as a bank with an individual approach to clients, we have advisors who will attend to your needs and make a recommendation for the savings model that suits you best.