API Bank housing loans

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API Bank housing loans

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Foreign currency housing loans in Euro

Non-residents with income in the Republic of Serbia

Loan conditions

Loan amount 5.000 EUR – 500.000 EUR
Currency loan EUR
Indexing criteria /
Repayment period From 13 to 240 months
Participation Minimum 20% of the purchase price
Nominal interest rate (annual, variable) * 6M EURIBOR + 4.50%
Interest rate calculation method Proportional method
Application processing fee (one time) 1%
Loan repayment method Permanent order, administrative ban, personal payment
Monthly fee for keeping a current account 1.200,00 RSD
Commission for early loan repayment 0.50% -1.00%
Additional costs borne by the Borrower** – The cost of the Credit Bureau Report is RSD 246.00
– Cost of real estate appraisal (three-year) 120.00 EUR
– The cost of real estate insurance against basic risks and water spills from installations (annually) EUR 40.00
– Cost of bills (4 pieces) RSD 200.00
– Fee for registration of a non-resident’s loan transaction with NBS RSD 5.000,00
– The cost of notarizing the pledge statement is RSD 31,320.00
– The cost of registering a mortgage is RSD 55,920.00
– The cost of obtaining a real estate certificate is RSD 1,100.00
Instrument of securing – Mortgage of the first order
– Bills of exchange
– Real estate insurance

* The interest rate is changed every six months, calculated on a calendar basis, every 30.6. and 31.12. during the year.

**For informational purposes, the average values of the costs borne by the borrower, which the bank has no influence on when calculating EKS, are shown


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* The results shown based on the data you have entered in the loan calculator can only be used for information purposes and do not produce an obligation for the bank to provide banking services. For more information and a specific offer, contact our branches.

You can also view the calculator of the effects of changes in the variable elements of the nominal interest rate and the dinar exchange rate on the website of the National Bank of Serbia at the link.