API Bank with healthcare professionals during pandemic

API Bank has supported medical workers with focused action, in which none of the professionals employed in health care institutions will pay any interest for overdrafts till the end of the year.

This action of respect and solidarity, in addition to the already applied loan moratoriums, API Bank decided to contribute to the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, which is guided by healthcare professionals.

All medical workers, who receive their salaries through the API Bank will be able to  use the overdraft for free until the end of 2020, regardless of whether they already use this service or will apply for it now.

On this occasion, Head of Retail of API Bank, Velibor Savić, said: “The extraordinary situation caused by coronavirus requires and will require entire society – citizens and companies to give contribution, in order that we can all easily overcome the pandemic period and is seems that we already have some success. We, API Bank team, are most grateful to medical professionals, as they are the first and most exposed in the challenging battle for the health of all of us, and it is our obligation to be with them with concrete support of their banking needs. “

This action will be valid from 01/04/2020 to 31/12/2020 and will include all employees in health care institutions who during the mentioned period has an active overdraft in API Bank.

You are welcomed in our branches or you can contact call center via 011 395 2265.