Changes in the Board of Directors of API Bank

We would like to inform you that there have been changes in the composition of the Board of Directors of API Bank.

The new members of API Bank’s Board of Directors are Goran Ljubičić and Vladislav Shlyakhovoy. The current member of the Board of Directors, Dmitrijs Panurskis, was relieved of his duties.

During his long career in the Corporate field, Goran Ljubičić has held leading financial and managerial positions in numerous international companies. Engaged in dealings with large financial institutions, banks and foreign investors, with his rich experience he makes a significant contribution in the field of creating decision-making processes and evaluation of financial placements.

Goran’s good knowledge of the local way of doing business and conditions at the local micro level is important in terms of contributing to even better adaptation of banking products to the needs of the local market.

Vladislav Shlyakhovoy graduated in law from the Russian Pacific State University. After holding the position of senior investigator and assistant to the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community from the Russian Federation in Minsk, he has been successfully managing the joint-stock company “Central Market” in the Russian Federation for more than 5 years, which has won numerous awards. The company ranked 18th among 646,000 companies in its type of activity – managing its own non-residential real estate. Vladislav’s education in law, work experience in the judiciary and the court, and experience in real estate management are a good basis for managing property-related risks. He joined the management team of API Bank with the aim of improving his expertise by applying his wide knowledge of law and practical understanding in the areas in which the Bank will develop.