Dear clients,

In accordance with the Decision of the National Bank of Serbia on temporary measures for banks for the purpose of mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to preserve the stability of the financial system (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 103/20 – hereinafter “Decision”) and the Decision of the Executive Board of API Bank a.d. Beograd (hereinafter: the Bank) no. IO-403/2020 dated 31/07/2020 on the measures and activities that the Bank will apply to debtors due to the possibility of facing difficulties in repayments, the Bank addresses to all its clients: individuals, farmers, entrepreneurs and companies (hereinafter: Clients) the following:


1. The Bank hereby offers you the possibility of a delay in the repayment of liabilities to the Bank (hereinafter: the Moratorium) for obligations due from 01/08/2020 to 30/09/2020, but also for outstanding obligations of the Client, due in July. The moratorium implies a delay in repayment of loans and credit products, but also other obligations of debtors to the Bank.

2. During the Moratorium, the Bank shall not charge default interest on outstanding receivables due during the Moratorium, and shall not initiate enforcement proceedings of any kind against debtors, or take other legal actions to collect receivables from debtors.

3. Default interest calculated during the period of the Moratorium on receivables due before the application of the Moratorium is evenly distributed over the period of repayment of loans and other products of the Bank and is not attributed to the principal of the debt.

4. Regular (agreed) interest the Bank calculates to the Client upon outstanding debt and it corresponds to the amount of regular interest in accordance with the repayment plan valid before the entry into force of the Decision, whereby the accrued interest, after the expiration of the Moratorium, is not attributed to the principal but is distributed evenly over the remaining loan repayment period.

5. On liabilities based on credit cards and allowed overdraft on the current account, the Bank calculates regular (agreed) interest on the used amount.

6. The Bank will accrue regular (agreed) interest to companies on outstanding debt, which includes the amounts of debt principal that fall due during the Moratorium.

7. After the expiration of the Moratorium, the Client continues to repay the loan in such a way that the repayment period will be extended for the duration of the Moratorium, counting from the expiration date of the Moratorium.

8. After the expiration of the Moratorium, the Bank will submit to the Clients who accept the Moratorium a new repayment plan for credit products with the Bank (extended for the duration of the Moratorium), with the possibility to choose one of the following repayment methods instead of the repayment method from item 7 of this notice:

  • to, upon termination of the Moratorium, settle all liabilities on the basis of loans (i.e. other products) that were covered by the Moratorium (all annuities from the Moratorium period – principal and regular interest);
  • to, upon termination of the Moratorium, settle all liabilities based on regular interest calculated during the Moratorium, with an extension of the loan repayment period for the duration of the Moratorium.

9. The Clients may use the opportunity from the previous point of this notice within a period of 7 calendar days from the day when the repayment plan from the previous point of this notice was submitted to them.

10. It is considered that by publishing this offer notice on the Bank’s website on July 31, 2020, the offer was delivered to all Clients.

11. If the Client does not reject the offer within 10 calendar days from the date of publication of this offer notice, it will be considered that they have accepted the offer.

12. The Client may submit the rejection of the offer to the Bank within the period referred to in the previous item of this notice in one of the following ways:

  •  in writing to the address of the Bank’s registered office: 6-8, Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića, 11000 Belgrade,
  • electronically by sending an electronic message from the email registered in the Bank’s system to (natural persons) and (farmers, entrepreneurs, companies),
  •  by phone (by calling 011 / 3952-263 for the branch in Belgrade, and 021 / 2155-1014 for the branch in Novi Sad),
  •  in person at the branch at 2, Balkanska, Belgrade and / or at the branch at 12, Narodnog fronta, Novi Sad, by filling in the form attached to this notice.

You can download the Notice of rejection of the offer for the application of the moratorium from the link here.

13. The Client may, during the Moratorium, withdraw from its application, in any of the ways referred to in item 12 of this Notice, as well as by paying in full the obligation covered by the Moratorium.

14. Considering that the Bank, as of July 28, is obliged to suspend payments on standing orders of all liabilities that may be covered by the Moratorium, in case the Client, in accordance with item 12 and within the deadline referred to in item 11 of this notice, rejects the offer, the Bank proceeds as follows: it does not calculate any additional interest for the Client’s obligations paid by standing order, which are due starting on July 28, but activates a standing order for them and collects the obligation in accordance with the regular repayment plan (in the amount that would have been collected had the Bank not suspended payments).

15. The Bank shall apply the Moratorium in the collection of fees for issued guarantees due during the Moratorium, unless the Client has explicitly rejected the offer, i.e. the application of the Moratorium in the manner referred to in item 12 of this notice. All other fees paid by the Clients when issuing guarantees, payment fees and other fees related to current accounts (current account maintenance, etc.) are charged in accordance with the Bank’s price list and to such fees and obligations of the Clients the Moratorium does not apply.

16. Validity of allowed overdraft on account, credit card, revolving and overdraft placements as well as factoring of placements is extended for the period of the Moratorium, counting from the expiration date of the Moratorium.

17. The Bank may provide other benefits to the Clients who request them in terms of additional extension of the repayment period or in another way, which the Bank will decide on in each individual case, according to the needs of the specific request of the Client.

18. The Bank shall not demand from the Client reimbursement of any costs related to taking measures and activities regarding the Moratorium.

19. During the period of application of the Moratorium, the delay in repayment is suspended and is not reported to the Credit Bureau.

20. All additional information can be obtained by calling the following telephone numbers: +38111 / 3952-263 for the branch in Belgrade, and + 38121 / 2155-1014 for the branch in Novi Sad.

API Bank a.d. Beograd