Visa Classic
Debit Card

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Visa Classic
Debit Card

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The Visa Classic debit card API Bank a.d. Beograd can be obtained by all interested clients by simply opening a current account. With this card, you have access to your money anywhere inside the country and abroad. Pay for goods and services at stores, withdraw cash at ATMs, or make online transactions within your account balance.

The Visa Classic debit card API Bank a.d. Beograd allows you to use the following services free of charge:

– Money withdrawal at ATMs of API Bank a.d. Beograd

– Payments for goods and services inside Serbia

– Account balance inquiries at API Bank ATMs.

The card is issued with a validity period of 3 years, after which it can be simply replaced with a new one.

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Full statistics on bills, cards, payments, and transfers in an easy-to-use digital bank for mobile and desktop.
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Wherever you go, the API Bank mobile app lets you manage your financial transactions with a mobile phone in a fast, easy and secure way!
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Get access to all services of our bank:

  • balance details of all cards, accounts, and deposits
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