API Bank a.d. Belgrade continues to operate unhindered and remains a reliable partner to its clients

Having in mind the newly created geopolitical events, we hereby announce that API Bank a.d. Belgrade operates smoothly, in the regular business regime, providing its clients with a complete set of services without changes and restrictions.

API Bank a.d. Belgrade is a Serbian bank operating in accordance with domestic regulations, established by a Serbian company. Although the Bank’s capital is of foreign origin, the Bank is not part of any international group and is not present abroad.

We would like to emphasize that the events of the last days on the international market have not affected the Bank’s operations – API Bank is stable and liquid. We operate in accordance with regularly adopted business plans in accordance with customer requirements, both for deposit and credit products, while payments in international payment transactions take place in the standard volume of business.

The deposits of our clients are safe and insured through the deposit insurance program of the Deposit Insurance Agency of the Republic of Serbia. Clients have full access to their funds as before, either through online electronic and mobile banking services, which operate in the standard mode without restrictions, or directly in the Bank’s branches.

“Our clients are respectable Serbian and international companies and individuals with resident and non-resident status, and our bank’s employees are continuously working to offer the best solution to protect the interests and satisfaction of our clients, and as their reliable partner. API on behalf of our bank means the program interface of the application, which symbolizes the continuous growth and progress that the Bank strives for, as well as quality and innovative solutions through the implementation of the latest financial technologies that will be key elements for further development”, stated Radomir Stevanović, member of API Bank Executive Board.