The oldest banking service - safe box

Marija Stepina – President of the Executive Board


There are two rules for each person living in big cities – keep money with a bank, store values with the bank. Your home shouldn’t attract attention from the “non-desirable public”. And, lucky us, there are 26 banks in Serbia and all of them have client servicing offices in Belgrade.

What is unique in API Bank? That we have opened a new branch in the renovated office building in the center of Belgrade – you will find this place easily? If you remember where previously was “Pizza Hut”, and if not, then you know where is “Politika” office, which is right across the street from our branch. Makedonska 44 extra professional staff welcome each day from XX till DD to offer regular banking services and also rent of safe box, located in a special well-secured treasury vault.

Keeping valuables in safes is a good and useful habit – a habit of people who are willing to pay a small amount for their peace of mind. This mental peace is nothing else than knowing that the things that are important to you are safe all the time/ This feeling allows you to live a more relaxed life and focus on what is important. 

Unfortunately, things that have never happened before, sometimes happen, and that is why even drivers with excellent driving skills always buy car insurance. Especially important is to remind yourself about such matters is vacation time, when you leave home for a longer time than usual. 

We decided to provide the safe deposit box rental service, which is one of the oldest banking services in the world, because it is probably only service which requires personal presence of the client. Nowadays the majority of services to private individuals can be rendered remotely (except maybe only housing loans). Our only challenging task was to find the proper location and Makedonska 44 fits all criteria best. It is a known place – see above, here is intensive pedestrians traffic and a bus stop right in front of the entrance to the bank. People can see our screen when waiting for transport and think about the importance of this service which is so close to them each day.

We offer safes of different sizes: 15×33,5x43cm; 27,5×33,5x43cm and 40×33,5×43 cm. For your convenience, we put safe boxes physically for demonstration in each of our branches. Meaning that beside Makedonska 44 branch, you can observe them in Balkanska 2, Belgrade and Narodnog Fronta 12, Novi Sad, 

The safe can be rented by any citizen or business owner who signs a contract with the bank and the procedure is simple. The safe represents the tenant’s personal property and the bank has an obligation to provide him with unimpeded access. When you decide to entrust your valuables to a bank, it is enough to choose what size of safe you want and submit a request. When you put valuables in safe box, no one, including Bank’s employees see you. There is a special room in which you stay one to one with your box.

What should not be deposited in the safe are weapons, items that can cause an explosion or fire, then things subject to damage and decay, as well as other things that can endanger the health of employees, the safety of banks and other safe boxes. The bank may not access the contents of the safe deposit box without the court’s permission, nor control the contents in it.

The tenants are of different ages, from the youngest, students, to those of retirement age, and the most common rental of a safe is annual. API Bank offers an individual approach to clients and believes that clients value the level of our service as really very high. 

An important characteristic of our branches – in Makedonska 44, and in Balkanska 2, is that every visitor there feels like a very special guest.

Clients are advised to keep securities, jewelry, gold, precious metals, family heritage, documents’ originals. Safe boxes are not usually used to store money for an obvious reason – it is much more cost-effective to deposit money in savings and thus earn interest on it than to leave it standing in the safe without any compensation.


To make a long story short, just remember that your valuables are worth more than the average amount of “three cups of coffee” needed to spend on a monthly safe rental.

At the moment, we have a special offer that will last until the end of August – there is no need to open a current account if you want to rent only a safe.