The power of Russian capital for safe savings

If you are looking for a stable and safe bank for your money, then our Bank is the real place for you. The Russian capital API Bank is backed by is a guarantee of long-term stability, which is something our clients have already witnessed. 

In order to meet client expectations, we have once again prepared an attractive savings offer this year. We are certain that, as a small bank on the Serbian market, thanks to an individual approach to clients, our advisors can dedicate themselves fully to the needs of every client, giving them the recommendation for the savings model that best suits them. 

Choose a term deposit for a period of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months and use the option to increase the principal by the annual accrued interest and ensure even more income from interest next year.

This year, we would especially like to underline the attractive terms for fixed-term savings in euros, with a nominal interest rate of 2.00% for a period of 36 months. Additionally, you have the option to always use 30% of the funds during the chosen fixed-term period. You can withdraw the funds at any time during the savings period, either as a one-time withdrawal of the entire 30% or you can make multiple withdrawals up to 30% of the starting investment. You choose what suits you best, depending on your needs.

For all the details on the savings offer, and various fixed-term savings periods, see the terms and conditions and a representative example and start saving by filling out our contact form here.

Representative example – Product name: Fixed-term deposits in EUR with 30% of the deposit available for withdrawal (interest paid upon maturity); savings amount: EUR 10,000. Term period: 36 months. Minimum deposit amount: EUR 5,000; Indexing criteria: none. NIR – nominal interest rate (fixed, conformal method, annual): 2.00%; EIR – effective annual interest rate: 1.70%; tax obligation (15%): EUR 91.50; Additional expenses: none; interest amount reduced by tax obligation: EUR 518,51; Total amount of savings with interest, after tax: EUR 10,518.51. The representative example was calculated on October 15, 2020. 

If you opt for the classical savings where the interest is paid after the deposit term has expired, you can find out more about our offer and promotional terms and conditions here

Those who prefer a fixed-term deposit with a monthly interest payment can find the details for this offer on the savings page 

The special campaign with promotional terms for savings will last from November 15 to December 31, 2020.

For additional information, you can contact us via our Call Centre at +381 11 395 2265 or you can have a live consultation with our savings advisors at any of the branch offices.